Sun, Jul 14, 2024


USB Smart Installer

Install SmartTV Apps via USB

is an English version of the utility adopted by ruleNone.
This widget allows full control over what Apps to install on your Smart TV without traditional Internet connection and "Develop" account
This method only works on "E/F/H"-series of Samsung Smart TVs
and all credit for the great work goes to TSNAKEMAN

The user Installation Guide:
  • - format USB drive with FAT32
  • - unpack to the root of your drive (do NOT unpack files inside)
  • - so on USB you should have "usbSmartInstaller_1.1" folder and 1 zip file (IPTVx apps)
  • - switch off your TV
  • - plug USB memory stick to your TV
  • - switch on TV and go to the Smart HUB
  • - it should have new App called usbSmartInstaller
  • - launch that and press ENTER on "USB Drive" menu option
  • - click on 3.01 version and wait few seconds till popup window
  • - if you get a SUCCESS message - reboot your TV
Software should be installed.
ZIP file available in the Download section here


Remember that you only can install the widgets designed for your Smart TV and series E/F/H, not just different ZIP files. The USB Smart Installer App can not confirm or check those files and doesn't have an additional protection against the possibile damage to the TV functionality, so the installation untrusted files may disable the delete function in your TV. So please use that method of the installation with caution and install only trusted Apps...
Any installed and unwanted Apps can be removed via standard options of the Smart Hub.



Here is a glimpse of what to expect from that app - a few screen shots to give you an idea: